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Anytime during the day may be a good time to enjoy one of my sensual massages. Don’t worry about what time it is. Just schedule for the most convenient time slot for you and I’ll be there!

In the morning:

Your morning massage might be an empowering one. You can feel welcomed into a brand new day with some fresh energy. You can feel being in charge, meaning your energy is conducted with mental and body awareness that may help you to succeed in your day ahead.

Choose the most
convenient time for
you. Please ask for my
availability whenever
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Around noon:

You might be awake and working for some hours. Before lunchtime massage finds the best hour for some deserved relaxation —and opening your appetite for a nice meal.

In the afternoon:

For many men the “siesta time” is a quite sexy hour of the day. Need a nap but feel aroused and horny? This is a perfect moment to enjoy a very sexy massage.

In the evening:

Those are the hours when you know you already accomplished most of the day’s duties. But there’s still that stressful dinner ahead. Some relaxing would be great to regain serenity, act centered and in charge. You will perform your business dinner feeling balanced and empowered.

Before going to bed:

Some men use my massage before going to sleep. You had a tough day and you deserve some relaxing, some sexy spoiling and a specific massage that will relax both your body and mind. You will only wake up in the next morning after enjoying a wonderful and tight sleep.

After midnight:

You can’t seem to get to sleep. You may be on an intercontinental flight connection, lost a plane or something has been rescheduled. Call me and I will take you to the sweetest sleep without counting any sheep ;-)

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