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The kind of Tantra massages I’m serving have the specific tag of “Red Tantra”. Red Tantra is different from White Tantra (based on yoga postures and meditation) and from Black Tantra (sometimes related to magic rituals).

Don’t let yourself drown in “the internet of things”. Our world is asking for constant attention and connection with others, with the job and the duty. Needless to say we all need a break. A true and healing break. For body and mind. This is what I can offer you.




My massage service
is universal. No matter
what your preferences
are I can match your
energy to custom-
taylor a session for
you. Try me!

“Red Tantra” is the only kind of Tantra focusing on sensuality and eroticism. To take this rather specific art to a much more intense experience I added some very erotic grips used in other massage techniques: the most erotic moves of Thai massage and some exciting Hawaïan Lomi-Lomi strokes.

Red Tantra massage involves relaxation. Especially at the start. Your mind needs to find a proper wavelength that you will achieve under my hands and forearms —not under any kind of spoken command or breathing techniques.

To perform a wonderful
massage the masseur
has to be able to deal
with the personal
closeness of touch.

The massage techniques I’m using will work your whole body, from head to toes. It is a very pleasant experience!

After the massage you will feel renewed, calmed down but with some fresh and powerful energy to go on with your life, focused and balanced.

I use some carefully chosen music during the massage sessions: very relaxing and sensual oriental and “chill out” world music or some elegant soft jazzy Blues.

red Tantra Massage

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