reasons to enjoy a tantra massage


Ancient Greek hedonists took their vision of life from some more oriental regions where Tantra was born. Tantra and Hedonism base on a happy life, enjoyment of food, friendship, love, sensual pleasures and culture.

We do need to live up our our need of joy if we want to be happy. So with no guilt inducted. Free from cultural or ideologic restrictions. We all know when it’s time for us to treat ourselves to some “me-time”.

The goal of my elaborated massage is exactly this: no guilt, pure enjoyment, pure pleasure. Your freedom!

Men expect a different massage performed by another man. So I have been developing a specific massage for men of all ages. Call it m4m massage though. It is the most sensual bodywork, much more erotic, with more complicity, less ritualized and focusing on your sensual pleasure from the very start.

Differently from other Tantra masseurs though, I don’t perform breathing rituals, no heartless repeating of sutras or mantras. I don’t perform the no-skin-touching Reiki massage which won’t give you any sensual pleasure. The sensual and erotic energy is always there and you will feel touched, desired, pampered, taken care of... and aroused.

The starting point of any of my massages is your pleasure. Your wellness, your happiness and satisfaction.

Customers booking a 90 minutes massage are able to climax more than once during the session. So climax is not the end of any session and not the only goal of my bodywork. Climax is just a part of it —if you want.

Since mutual respect is a crucial guideline to me, you are welcomed to express whatever you feel you have to tell me before and during the massage.

I have underwent massages in many different places in the world, performed by all kind of men using their own techniques.

So if you expect much more than a plain 15 minutes masturbation, I’m your masseur. I will work your whole body, from head to toes. From body to mind.

I’m serving Red Tantra massages. Red Tantra is different from White Tantra (based on yoga postures and meditation) and from Black Tantra (sometimes compared to witchcraft rituals).

gay Tantra Massage in barcelona

The three first reasons could be you, you and you. You deserve it. Save some time for your pleasure. Think for yourself for once in a while.


Relax. Let others work, and be it for your enjoyment. There's more to life than just working endless hours.


Rebalance. There's some energy in you that's spilling over, and you need to control it. Let me handle it and enjoy it in the form of a blissful bodywork that will take you to a wonderful and liberating climax.


Find your peace. After the massage you will feel so relaxed and filled with peace that you won't be able to think about tomorrow. And that's good. Sleep tight.


Don't regret what you didn't dare doing. This massage could discover you something wonderful. You may have ordered a new wine or a new dish to taste in certain moments. You can also order this massage.


Massage is not sex. You won't be cheating on anybody. Though you need to take care of yourself and find some personal oasis for your enjoyment.


Stress can be exhausting —to anybody. Some erotic tantra massage techniques can refill your energy tank. You will feel with some fresh power and new will to fight on.


Discover a new kind of massage that's giving you what you have been missing in therapists many times before. Intimacy, trust, confidence, complicity. Man to man, equal to equal.


You have never been touched by a man before but feel curious about it. I'm respecting your limits. I'll treat you to a very pleasant session. You will feel understood.


I am a professional and expert erotic tantra masseur. You know you're in good hands.

There are some more reasons, but the most important is the one you feel.


10 reasons to enjoy my erotic Tantra Massage