FEES 2018


“Delikatessen” is a very elaborate and complex massage experience, and this is just the start. I developed three different menus so you to choose among a variety of erotic intensities.


120 € 60 minutes

90 € 45 minutes (express version)

Description: Very relaxing at the start. Using a large variety of Tantra, Thai and Lomi-Lomi grips, also working Nuad-Thai with my feet and legs —if you want me to. Very relaxing at the start, more and more erotic until you reach a blissful climax.



150 € 60 minutes

120 € 45 minutes (express version)

Description: More erotic than the previous menu, meaning medium erotic intensity, adding up and focusing on prostatic stimulation —including all the Delikatessen grips.



200 € 60 minutes

300 € 90 minutes

400 € 120 minutes

150 € 45 minutes (express version)

Description: Even more erotic than the previous, meaning extremely erotic, and adding up a much more intense body to body massage. Customizable for hotel outcalls. The 90 minutes massage is half the complete range of techniques I can do. So you can enjoy two 90 minutes massage two days in a row and experience two absolutely different massages.


You maybe heard about “lingam massage”?

You can achieve climax in all of these massage menus. If you don’t intend to, just let me know before we start.


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All these previous massage menus are about massage bodywork. If you like to experience a different service you can also choose to enjoy an erotic shower. Follow the link and be welcome to visit my new website www.male-masseur.com

Massage of any kind is something very personal.

Tantra and erotic massages are even more intimate.

To perform a wonderful massage the masseur has to be able to deal with the personal closeness of touch.

Tell me about your preferences. We can speak to custom-taylor your massage for it to match your desires.
+34 676 648 226mailto:pacotantra@gmail.comhttp://www.male-masseur.comshapeimage_1_link_0

This job is a fully handcrafted one, and the masseur needs to have the natural talent to perform it.

Massage is my passion, and you will feel it if you choose to enjoy this wonderful experience.