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Hello and welcome to this video about my outcall massage service. I recorded it having you in mind!

This video is not showing the full massage session. The regular massage session takes 60 minutes. I also offer 90 minutes and 45 minutes express-massage sessions.

My recurring customers tell me “your massage feels always different, always new and it gets better and better with every session”. This is because I adapt to what I feel from your body response, your mood, your energy that might be changing during the session. And I also get to know better and better my clients —should I say friends. This allows me to perform a wonderful massage no matter how often you called before.

There’s no way to show a whole session, also for privacy reasons. Anyway, the clue is not watching but enjoying a real massage. Your massage!

For obvious reasons I’m not showing the intimate grips on this video. It is not supposed to be a training video. Here you can get familiar with my voice, my face, my body and my attitude.

So erotic massage is my job! And I’m very proud of it. I‘m looking forward to have the privilege of serving you!

Gay erotic tantra Massage video in barcelona

Tell me about your preferences. We can speak to custom-taylor your massage for it to match your desires.
+34 676 648 226mailto:pacotantra@gmail.comhttp://www.male-masseur.comshapeimage_1_link_0

In a last minute hurry call I can be at your door in 30-45 minutes.

You can book your massage session with the advance you desire.

For massages from
1 AM to 9 AM please book in advance.

I honor all the bookings. The first to block a specific time range always rules.